Privacy policy

We will respect the confidentiality of your personal information at all times when you use We ensure that all personal information provided on our site will never be revealed (except for online transactions, see item 2 below).

1. Personal information

Personal information provided when creating your account on our site is and will remain confidential. We promise not to reveal your identity to anyone or sell or exchange the list of our members and users.

Members can modify their personal information through their account at any time. Also, members can request by email that their account be deleted at any time.

2. Information for online payment

All credit card information obtained for online payment are secured with a SSL protocol. None of this information is saved on servers.

If you have questions about online purchases, contact us by email at

3. Cookies

A cookie is a small file that saves information about a Web site's visitors. We use cookies to secure your session when you access your account. They make it possible to verify that it is you accessing your account without any misuse of your personal information. We also use them to count the number of visitors to our Web site. These cookies are automatically removed from your computer after 24 hours.

Note: The cookies must be activated in your browser settings.



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